25 years of experience, doing ice creams

Years of expertise

Our story begins in 1989

Fred, a young entrepreneur opened his first ice cream parlour in the Belgian coastal town Knokke. When opening the store, he offered sixteen different flavours… while other competitors only sold six.

Ironically, because he worked with real fruits, instead of flavourings and colourings, the ice cream got these intense, deep colours and people were a little suspicious.

But the current success of Fred’s stores proves we won them over with the taste of our velvet creamy ice cream and our fresh sorbets.

Nothing but natural fruits

Our secret ingredients

In fact there's no secret

Simply because we use nothing but fresh ingredients! We are on a constant journey – literally – we skim markets in exotic countries to discover new flavours and negotiate the supply of our fruit, nuts, chocolate, herbs, raisins, coffee beans… Always from the countries where we know they have the best quality.

Then, we grind the nuts… Puree the fruits and add them directly to our ice cream mixes. We detest additional flavourings or colouring and even more the powder mixes that are often available.

Fresh ice cream everyday

Everyday fresh ice cream

Made in each store

The result, our fresh and ready to make/turn ice cream mixes (one for each of you preferred flavours), are delivered in 1L cartons, which are transported and kept in coolers down to … degrees.

In contrary to the fruit puree boxes you might used before, you can easily preserve our products for more than …, as long as they are unopened.

All this leads to high quality - and most importantly - convenient, ready to turn ice cream and sorbet mixes.